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A Ben Ziff Fan Community

A Ben Ziff community
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This is a community for the aspiring actor Ben Ziff, who you might recoginize as "Adam" the Dell Intern from the new Dell computer commericals or as the main boy in the Verizon cell phone commerical who typed "Don't Trip" and then tripped. Ben has done several other minor roles in other productions (as can be tracked via his IMDb profile). Since getting interested in Ben I've made contact with several of his childhood friends/friends of his family as well as his girlfriend (sorry all!) and everyone has been extremely friendly and giving in regards to information about his career.

I thought I'd make this community for people looking for information on Ben Ziff as well as for people who have information about shows and performances he plans to do. So, if you've an interest in Ben Ziff, please feel free to join!

However, due to the nature of this actor and the closeness of some of his friends/family/girlfriends (who knows himself?) I ask that all conversation be kept poliet and tasteful as they may see it. It's all right to profess you're undying love for him but I'd rather not get graphic stories or anything. It's just a bit of respect! Thanks!